22 July 2017

Couple Pissing on a Public Party - Pee Fetish

This video was recorded at Gay Pride 2017.

My boy and I were partying, drinking and having a great time
But when we have our bladders full we prefer to pee at the street (between the cars) over public toilets...

In this video you can enjoy how we both pee 2 times while the party was happening (One at day, other at night)

First I squat over the floor and release my full bladder, a good amount of pee comes!
Then my boyfriend pee standing up, he also has a lot of pee the two times!

EXTRA: At the end of the video my boy and I dance in a very sensual way, he starts groping me over and under my clothes (we were drunk)

This clip includes: Public Flashing, Peeing Outdoors, Close up, Pussy, Big White Dick, Pee Fetish, Drunk Girl, Sunglasses, Exhibitionist, Real Amateur Couple, Risky, Drunk Girl



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